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Please note that certain data fields will be generic and may or may not reflect the information relevant to the recipient and/or the material/package size (including but not limited to the manufacturer/supplier address).

The following Safety Data Sheets are available:

     Geographic Area (Language)
These SDS documents are generated dynamically and placed into temporary files. If unused, those files will be released by the system and the link to those files will become inactive. If this happens, you will get a page stating that the SDS you requested is not currently available. You will need to close this window, click the refresh button on the product page, and click on the SDS (All Regions) link again.

SDSs on Eastman.com are provided as a service to our customers, but since exact package sizes, lots, batches, and production/sales sites cannot be known, some information may be generic. SDSs from this website are not meant to replace copies automatically distributed to customers from our corporate SDS distribution system.