2017 Official Nomination Form

Nominations Must Be Received By: October 3, 2017.

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Email: jwiggins@akinsps.com

For questions or to receive a word document of the nomination form, please contact Jennifer Wiggins at (865) 680.1457 or jwiggins@akinsps.com

Good Sports Always Recycle School Competition

Please tell us a little about your school's program by answering the following questions. Additional explanation on separate pages and supporting materials may be submitted per instructions above. Statistics showing your results are always helpful.

NOTE: You will not be able to print a copy of your complete answers if you fill out this form online. If you would like to print your submission, please request a Word document format from Jennifer Wiggins (Jwiggins@akinsps.com).

Nominations Must Be Received By: October 3, 2017

Please answer each question before submitting your nomination.

1. Tell us succinctly and specifically about your school’s environmental/recycling efforts, including when and why they began. Include measurable data as appropriate. (10 Points)
2. What materials are reduced, reused, and/or recycled at your school? Please specify types of materials and quantity. (10 Points)
3. What does your school do to conserve energy, water, and other natural resources? (10 Points)
4. Does your school encourage and support public transportation, carpooling, walking or biking to school? If so, briefly explain. (8 Points)
5. Does the school provide a service to the community or involve the community with its environmental projects? If so, please describe. (10 Points)
6. Does the school save money, generate revenue, or receive any funding for its environmental efforts? If so, how is the money used? (8 Points)
7. Is your environmental/recycling program a classroom effort or a school-wide effort? Provide details. (10 Points)
8. How do students lead or actively participate in your environmental/recycling efforts? (8 Points)
9. How are the environmental/recycling efforts used to enhance the curriculum? (8 Points)
10. What are the school’s future goals for its environmental/recycling program? Be specific. (8 Points)
11. How would you utilize the award money towards your environmental/recycling efforts? Be specific. (10 Points)
12. When was your environmental/recycling program established? (No points awarded for this question)

*Eight schools will be awarded $1,000 for the GSAR School Competition; one exemplary school will be awarded $1,500 for the GSAR Sustainability Steward Award; and one school will be awarded $1,500 for the Best New Program, for a total of 10 winners.

**Information included in the nomination form, along with any support material submitted (including, but not limited to statistics, videos, pictures, quotes, etc.), may be used by the Good Sports Always Recycle Program and its sponsors in media materials, on social media or in other ways to promote the GSAR program.

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